A New Journal Prism: A Learning journal is a publication of Prism Communication, a Paris-based language training association, edited by Richard Laubly and Helen Schall, 151, Rue du Fauborg- Poissonniere, 75009 Paris. The subscription cost is 100 French francs per year (two issues) or 175 francs for two years.

Two volumes have so far been produced. The first (Summer 1997) deals primarily with language learning. From Volume II (Winter 1997) the editors have widened the scope of the Journal 'to provide a forum for those interested in the learning process and in how each of us contributes to an environment in which effective learning can take place'. In this issue, they have reprinted G. Narayan's article 'The Three Arts in Education', written for the first issue of our Journal.

The third issue (Summer 1998) plans to include articles on the work of Rupert Sheldrake, reviews of new books on learning and Steve Pinker's 'How the Mind Works', etc. The fourth issue to be out in Winter 1998 will be a special one, devoted to Krishnamurti and Education.