The Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools has been in existence since 1995. It began with the intention of providing a forum for the teachers of Krishnamurti schools all over the world to share their educational experiences and insights. Over the years, keeping the same primary intention, the Journal has expanded in terms of both contributors and readers.

There has long been a divide between those who teach, and those who research and write about school education. Thus when a teacher can find the time to reflect and record his or her own discoveries, it has a special significance and value. The Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools is a unique response to the need for teachers writing on school education.

This is a journal on education that is brought out annually. It is an anthology of writings by educators, teachers and thinkers exploring a new vision of education in its many dimensions—philosophy, psychology, classroom experience, curriculum, nature and environment, and contemporary issues. It lays special emphasis on J. Krishnamurti’s principles of education. It will be of use to teachers, parents, educational administrators, teacher-educators and any individual interested in education.


The editorial team is Viju Jaithirtha, D. Anantha Jyothi, Alok Mathur, Kamala V. Mukunda, Jayashree Nambiar, Venkatesh Onkar, P. Ramesh and O. R. Rao.

The Journal on the Web

All articles of the Journal are available online through this website. The printed issues may be ordered from the Krishnamurti Foundation India.