Issue 1 - July 1997

Is there any other way of living in which you and I can function in our true vocation?

As we are all aware J. Krishnamurti was not only a great seer but a wise educator, perhaps the most radical that this century has produced.

Krishnamurti pointed out that there are three great arts in education.

In teaching science, it is more important to help students to under-stand the scientific approach to life and develop a scientific temper than it is to impart scientific knowledge or train them in specific scientific techniques.

We recognize the growing complexity of the challenges facing schools today and we seek answers in educational reform and innovation.

What is right relationship between a teacher and student, or between a teacher and a colleague?

A year after I joined the Rishi Valley School I was asked to be a 'house parent' to 16 boys of ages 10 to 13.

The setting for this paper is RishiValley School, a co-educational school with about 350 children between the ages of 8 and 18.

The history of intellectual and religious inquiry is replete with great minds and great schools.

During our annual curriculum meetings in April '96, two crucial questions were raised.

The language experience approach is a very effective method for getting students in the beginning grades to read and write meaningfully.

I began teaching part of the prescribed ICSE syllabus for history and culture in Standard VIII in 1983.

Mathematics, its teaching/learning has evoked wide discussion ever so often.

Those of us who love mathematics and teach it, see that it is intrinsically beautiful.

The School at Madras is located in a very quiet, verdant part of the city in the grounds of the Theosophical Society.

In this paper we explore the possibility of doing away with the current practice of animal dissection in schools, which as per the current norms is an integral part of the Biology curriculum for most examination boards.

In the days before scientific thinking took hold in the West the earth was seen as a vast living being worthy of deep respect and reverence.

Why focus on the environmental crisis? It seems clear that the activities of humankind are leading, in an irrational way, to self-destruction.

The Rural Education Centre at Rishi Valley was established in the early seventies with the primary intention of providing quality education to children of workers of Rishi Valley school and also children from nearby villages.

The Pune Centre of the Krishnamurti Foundation saw the birth of Sahyadri School in September 1995.

The attempt to understand Krishnamurti takes us far and wide in the realm of 20th Century thought.

This is a delightful book from one of our own teachers who has a distinctive approach to the teaching of art to children.

Sophie's World is a novel about the History of Philosophy.

Good storytellers can demand your attention by showing you new ways of looking at an old story.

On one who has had but a passing acquaintance with history, this book had a profound and deep impact.

Ever since History emerged as a major and independent field of study during the time of the 18th Century European Enlightenment - the time of Voltaire, Gibbon, Rousseau and the French Encyclopaedists - the study of history has been subject to pulls in two different directions.