From the Editorial:


For days the rain has been drumming heavily or dripping gently, as we complete the task of editing this twentieth issue of the Journal. The pavements and streets of Chennai are getting flooded, and the city is bracing itself for a continuing deluge. We hear that the tanks in the countryside, brimful with life-giving water, are beginning to breach. From across the country there have been reports of simmering social tensions, which now and then break out into violence. On the world stage, deadly terrorist attacks, continuing war zones and the plight of displaced refugees is the stuff of daily news. As inner fires and outer fires rage, the urgency of global agreements on mitigating the disastrous effects of climate change appear to recede to the back-burner. Nature takes its own course, and we are made aware of the deep divisions, growing intolerance, calculated violence and ongoing destruction of lands and lives. This is but a slice of our times!

In such a scenario, is it possible to evoke a redemptive flowering of goodness, or a quality of wholeness, in human nature? Perhaps it is in probing and transcending the deeper causes of these apparently disparate phenomena, that we may come upon reasons for hope. This makes Krishnamurti’s insights and exhortations, and his vision of education, even more compelling thirty years after his death.

Completing two decades now, the Journal has held within its covers articles that explore a wide range of human predicaments—both inner and outer—and their intimate connection with this educational vision.

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