These are the first three in a series of books designed to help the young to understand and deal with the world within themselves... the world of hurts, fears, pleasures, ambitions, success, failures and so on. These books are respectively entitled: What is it to care?, What does fear do to you? and What does freedom mean? They are milestones in non-fiction publishing for children. Hitherto, the term ‘non-fiction’ would ordinarily have covered biographies, popular science, travel and ‘educational’ books of one kind or another.

This series of books consists of extracts from Krishnamurti’s talks as well as conversations that children from Krishnamurti schools had with him during his regular visits to them over the years. These have direct relevance for young students (11- to 14-year-olds). It is astonishing to see how Krishnamurti’s reflections on the one hand and answers to children’s questions on the other, look all of a piece when read side by side, as has been put together in these books.

What is it to care? What does fear do to you? What does freedom mean?

The books are colourfully and imaginatively illustrated by professional illustrators and by children of The School-KFI, Chennai. A special feature of these books is that there are boxed sections entitled ‘Think it over’, ‘Things to do’ and ‘Do and feel’ that help the young reader to look at her own life situations, feelings and thoughts and thus encourage her in a voyage of selfexploration. Together, these books point to a whole new world other than the world of classes, books and games that are all too familiar to children and parents. As the introductory note says, “but isn’t there another whole area of life that you would like to be aware of, be introduced to - the world of thoughts and feelings inside you?”